About Metvy

Metvy is a multilingual hyperlocal networking application, which utilizes the opportunity of automated networking. Using geospatial trends, it will send you a notification whenever you come in contact with any other user in your vicinity who is fulfilling your needs. This way, you can connect with the right person, at the right time. Be it job opportunities, investor meetings or even getting a cup of coffee with a person of similar interests, Metvy is the single stop for it all.

Metvy is aimed at utilizing the infinite human potential present hyper-locally through an automated intuitive platform that provides need-based networking where people can find like-minded people around them. It is an application built on an AI-based algorithm that works with your real-time location and your unique networking needs. By taking information such as your current work experience, education details, skills, likes, the AI can predict your networking needs and recommend you accordingly. The AI takes this input and draws out relations between different sets of skills, job titles, experience, age and requirements of the people and then classifies the people on the app based on these relations, to group together similarly minded people and those people who can connect instantly with each other.