Our Story
“It’s magic. All of a sudden, the idea just pops up. Who knows how?” – James Westphal
While necessity is the mother of invention, invention also has quite some necessities. Forever successful invention, there have been a hundred failed trials, and a few hundred road-blocks. Such is the story of Metvy.
It was around Christmas 2017, when the idea was conceived following an unassuming purchase of a book that talked about the life and journey of Dhirubai Ambani. Having bagged an internship at Ogilvy, Shawrya was going through this book- how he had leveraged his networking skills, from officials to people he met at tea-stalls, to get what he wanted. This brought to Shawrya’s mind, the difficulties that we face when it comes to networking, and ironically, we are the generation of social networking. It was this aha moment that started the journey named Metvy.
Shawrya’s mind raced, and he had the epiphany- the thought of conducting an experiment to validate this problem. He decided to network with as many people possible, and needless to say, it wasn’t a bed of roses. This pushed him into pondering that in the world where everything is automated, what if this could be too? What if he could give everyone a chance to utilize this sea of human potential around them? Because for all we know the person we are in search for might be just beside us, and we wouldn’t know about it at all. But what if they could?
Like every great initiative, this too started off as an idea- an idea that was addictive, an idea which, if solved could cease a lot of problems. It is then that the proper concept of Metvy and what it would be doing, was finalized. Metvy was supposed to aim at utilizing the infinite human potential present hyper-locally through an automated intuitive platform that would provide need-based networking where people would be able to find the kind of people they were looking, for around them.